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Liza Flume - ‘Sleepless Nights’ music video


“I wrote this track whilst living in my grandfathers old house last summer, on my own in the North of Dublin. I hope you like it.”

Liza Flumes latest video and single is a simple affair but you can hear that for yourself.

I’m not one for analysing music videos much, but Sarah Corcorans does Lizas’ music justice in this serene look…

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Hard Working Class Heroes took place last weekend and showcased 104 of Ireland’s best and brightest new acts, with a few oldies in between.(And yes, we’re incredibly late in posting anything about it.)

Although it appears to showcase new music, a lot of the acts are far from amateurs in their field with festival veterans taking the stage alongside some of the most exciting up and comers we’ve seen.

An unbelievably enjoyable weekend showcasing some of the best and brightest, unfortunately it was marred by some seriously wet weather and the expected inability of many acts to compensate for a lack of soundchecks. Sound engineers can only do so much and the 15 minutes in between sets didn’t help either.

Anyway, on to the music…

Paddy Hanna

Paddy Hanna brings an incredibly uplifting set to the opening of Hard Working Class Heroes. Pulsing with a joyous indie-folk sound, the sublime interweaving elements of Paddy Hanna and his band performing together gives an inclusive, organic feel. Worth a full set with a headline show. Catch that when you can.

I’m Your Vinyl

Passing through the Button Factory, I’m Your Vinyls captivating sound and Dana Donnellys captivating attire. The music was enchanting and clearly captured an audience.

God Knows + mynameisjOhn

God Knows + mynameisjOhn were probably one of the most exciting performances of the weekend with a crowd that outmatched a majority of the acts taking the stage at Meeting House Square. The onstage chemistry was unparalleled and left no one wondering why they had topped many lists of bands you have to see over the weekend.

Liza Flume

Normally I’d say this girl needs no introduction but following her set on the Meeting House Square Stage makes it feels as we were seeing a whole new side to our favourite Aussie. With a hint of influence from The XX and a whole new appreciation for experimentation, Liza Flumes new tracks show an artist who has grown up and come quite far from her first EP.

It’s a whole new direction but in the most positive way, evolution over change. Her new EP comes out in a few months and should have tongues wagging with anticipation following this live performance.

Vann Music

Frontman Aaron Smith strutted in a Jagger-esque across the stage, owning it in a manner which shows how this act have garnered such a good live reputation.

The band are clearly road-testing some new music ahead of their début album, leaving little to be desired as a packed Meeting House Square responds in the most positive manner.

There is a lot to look forward as the band ooze confidence and self-belief, contributing to a powerful on-stage presence from all.

I Have A Tribe

I have a tribe are another act that require little introduction with a live set that’s immersive. Although having only made a name for themselves in the last year, I Have A Tribe are already known quite well for their live stage presence; intense, overwhelming and startlingly brilliant.

Few acts can capture the strange essence of being a mix of intense and soothing in the same brief musical moments.


What little was seen of Kormac was more than enough to make an impression. His live presence is incredibly out there, when not mixing music he made himself seen on stage.

The brass section added a joyous layer over his beats and anyone that is looking for a good night should make a point of being present at his next show.


On paper it would appear that Meltybrains? are ticking quite a few boxes in their attempt at boy band global phenomenon. Matching white stage outfits, check. Handsome and energetic troupe of eager young men, check. They even have a die-hard following in the audience wearing paint splattered porcelain style meltymasks fashioned to the back their heads.

At twenty to eleven on a Saturday, the Workmans stage area was packed to capacity. The smell of other people’s sweat and anticipation was upon me. The five piece experimental electronic band have garnered quite a reputation based on the energy of live shows and they unequivocally did not disappoint. They crashed onstage in all their synchronised dancing, stage diving glory. It’s so fucking refreshing to see a band that actually enjoys what they’re doing.

The harmonies on the song ‘Green Yellow and Purple’ were transcendent, a distorted and emotive battle cry juxtaposed by whip sharp drumming.

I left that gig eager and excited about the bands forthcoming new release, which they have now taken some time off to work on.

The Vincents

Hands down this was the penultimate gig of Hard Working Class Heroes for me. The Vincent(s) play solid, grungy, sexy, psych rock music. A plethora of different acts played over three days and yet you’d be forgiven for thinking that rock music was all but dead in Ireland. The Vincent(s) are a bands band. They make a confident and charismatic foursome. We were squashed up to the front of the stage in the Mercantile and bathed in blue ambient lights.

From the moment the Cork lads took to the stage I was enthralled and totally engaged. Frontman Markus Allen’s got some howl on him, his unmistakably Irish accent which pierces through every syllable made me pine for Dolores O’ Riordan, a ceili in the town hall and a bottle of whiskey. A special mention has to go out to their drummer, who bent and twisted with every beat and showcased an unbelievable amount of skill, restraint and mashed up drum face.

For now the lads are working away on their début album expected for 2015 release and will be playing again in Dublin in Whelans on October 26th. Do not miss this gig.

Low Sea

Trying to pigeonhole this band into any one genre would be trivial task. Their influences span from post punk noise pop legends The Jesus and Mary Chain to Mazzy Star with a bit of Portishead and My Bloody Valentine thrown in for good measure. One thing is for sure, Low Sea is a band best enjoyed with amps turned up to 11. Eyes closed, floorboards trembling and toes curling in time to a shoe gaze spectacular.  I doubt the duo were too enthused by their performance in The Workmans on Saturday night following persistent sound engineering difficulties. Still, getting to witness Billies ornery and at times babyish cooing on tracks such as ‘Never Yours’ was an absolute treat.

In fairness to the band and the engineers, the event organisers never arranged a sound check so it was straight on stage for acts with little to no communication with the techs.

And once again festival season comes to a close in Ireland, how was yours?

Photos by Greg Synnott and Alexis Machet

Words by Greg Synnott and Stephanie Costello

The best of Hard Working Class Heroes 2014 with @LizaFlume @VANNMUSIC @TheVincents1 @lowseamusic @Paddyhannamusic Hard Working Class Heroes took place last weekend and showcased 104 of Ireland’s best and brightest new acts, with a few oldies in between.(And yes, we’re incredibly late in posting anything about it.)

Half Of Me - Exclusive Premiere of their new video for ‘99’


If you’re already drawing comparisons with Royal Blood, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Their EP, also known as ’99’, was released back in May after the band formed in New York in 2012 with the title track featuring backing vocals from Roísín O.

There’s nothing considerably new in this EP, but don’t take that as a bad thing. It’s a refreshing take on a once aging sound, with a blend of genres and…

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Hard Working Class Heroes Must See Acts of the weekend

Hard Working Class Heroes Must See Acts


Hard Working Class Heroes is back again this Thursday and here’s our list of must see acts over the three days.


Hard Working Class Hero’s Top ten to catch.

Low Sea

Saturday 8.40 – 9.10 The Workmans Club

Low Sea combine warped seasick-shoegaze, nostalgic pop longing and blissed-out dreampop, all cemented on a solid krautrock platform.


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Fight Like Apes, Ham Sandwich, SOAK and daytime trail added to Hard Working Class Heroes

Hard Working Class Heroes headliners announced


SarahFlapesHard Working Class Heroes is kicking off this Thursday with some of Ireland’s finest acts taking the stage.

There’s stage times and convention info already Fight Like Apes (Saturday October 4th), Ham Sandwich (Friday October 3rd) and SOAK (Thursday October 2nd) were added as the 2014 Heroes bands who will play the weekend each headlining a night of the festival.


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James Vincent McMorrow - You Know

Another NEW James Vincent McMorrow track - You Know


James Vincent McMorrow is really pushing his career as far as he can lately and we’ve just learned he has a deluxe edition of Post tropical coming out in November.

Remixes, live versions and three bonus tracks for your enjoyment.


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Another Damien Rice track for you to sink your teeth into with ‘I Don’t Want To Change You’

Another Damien Rice track for you to sink your teeth into

You wait God knows how long for a new Damien Rice song and then two come along in quick succession.


Following Damien Rice’s announcement that his third album – and first for 8 years – will be with us on October 31, the announcement of a Bord Gais Energy Theatre show that quickly sold out and the unveiling of the title track to My Favourite Faded Fantasy, this morning the Kildare man treats us to…

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FMC Tour is kicking off with Sleep Thieves, Kid Karate and Fight Like Apes

Hey look, @FMC_Ireland have some gigs coming up with @sleepthieves @fightlikeapes and @kidkaratemusic This is gonna be loud.


The acts for this year’s FMC Tour have been announced. It’s been five years going now. Fight Like Apes, Kid Karate and Sleep Thieves will comprise the triumvirate of awesomeness who’ll played dates in Limerick, Galway, Cork, Dundalk, Dublin with one further venue to be announced through a poll on http://www.gigstarter.com.


The venue with the most pledges from the public will win the slot. If the…

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Ensemble Music Launch Show this Saturday

What a show @_EnsembleMusic has lined up with @OvrhdThAlbtrss @RuairiLBantum @novacollective @alarmistband @zaskamusic and more!


Ensemble. Music done differently.

The lineup will be spread over 2 stages throughout the day, transitioning from classical to jazz, trad to folk, soul to funk, and rock to electro in a broadly chronological order.

I can’t state how excited I am for this line up and for more shows like this to come around. Music hasn’t seen this kind of collaboration in a while as far as I’m aware and I’m proud to…

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Tell No Foxx

Tell No Foxx return with a new single which will be featured on EP no. 2. They play the Button Factory on October 4th as part of HWCH’s

Tell No Foxx

I’ve been meaning to write about Tell No Foxx for quite some time now but one reason or anotherfor I’ve become incredibly distracted as of late with other commitments.

Upon recieving a new track in my inbox this afternoon I felt now was a perfect opportunity to introduce you to one of the most beautifully textured acts to ever come out of Wicklow.

The beat is beautifully simple engrossed by…

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